Graduation Event Photos

Publicity Photos

Photographs taken by Homeschool Idaho representatives at this event may appear in the Homeschool Idaho Magazine, on the Homeschool Idaho website, on Homeschool Idaho social media pages or in other Homeschool Idaho publications at Homeschool Idaho’s discretion.

Graduate Photos

Photo Submission:

Please help us personalize this year’s graduation ceremony by sending two digital, high-resolution photos of your graduate: 1) as a baby or young child and 2) a current photograph of the graduate. If you do not have digital baby photos, please scan a photo to send it digitally. These photos will be projected on a screen during the ceremony. Photos may be professional portraits or quality snapshots of the individual alone, not as a part of a group.

Make plans early to get senior photos taken.

Photo Quality for Senior Photos:

A headshot of each graduate will be included next to the graduate’s bio in the printed program so a high resolution digital image with a file size that is a minimum of 1 MB is required. If the senior picture submitted for the ceremony will not work as a headshot in the program due to angle or cropping limitations, we ask that you send a photo that will work as a headshot for the program in addition to the graduates’ baby and senior pictures.

Photo File Names:

Please email photos to and label photo files as follows

BABY PICTURE: lastname_firstname_­baby.jpg

SENIOR PICTURE: lastname_firstname­_senior.jpg

HEADSHOT: lastname_firstname_headshot.jpg (Only required if the senior picture won’t work as a headshot in the program)

Deadline for submission: January 1, 2019


Please keep photos modest: avoid low necklines, provocative poses, etc. The headshot photo for the program should have the graduate facing the camera straight on.

Photo Deadlines:

Photos must be emailed to by the registration deadline January 1, 2019 or your registration will be incomplete and void.