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This is the THIRD graduation ceremony hosted by CHOIS. Graduation this year is May 20, 2017, at 4 PM. It will be held at the Brandt Center, Northwest Nazarene University. The address is 707 Fern Street, Nampa, Idaho 83686

Application deadline is Jan 1, 2017. For information and important dates, check here.

To apply for the CHOIS 2017 Homeschool Graduation scroll below for our online registration.

We do not have monthly planning meetings, and we accomplish all of our ceremony preparations and voting via email. We expect our graduating families to keep up with reading our emails, which will be concise and timely. Many of them will be deadline reminders, and we will even send out ballots for nominating and voting on class hymn and speaker. The subject line will always say GRADUATION to help you recognize them.

We hope that all of our graduating families will get involved and host many fun events such as trips to a corn maze, bowling, game nights, movie nights etc. We will also ask for volunteers to host a Senior Banquet and to create a Yearbook.  Please sign up for these things on our Parent Sign Up page on the private website. Email CHOIS information about any social activities and we will forward your invitation to the group. You may also post events on our Graduation Facebook page.

A little word about Your login passwords for this Graduation Website

If you forget your password, you can reset your password on every page of this website in the sidebar at the right side of every page. Also, we have a special page of steps to follow if you want to reset your password and are having trouble. Please check here.


  • By submitting this application the Idaho State Homeschool Graduation Organization, the undersigned parent agrees that:

    A. Our graduate is privately home educated. (Students enrolled in public, private, charter, magnet and virtual charter schools are not eligible to participate in this ceremony. Students who are dually enrolled in college courses are eligible.)
    B. Our graduate meets our requirements for graduation.
    C. Our graduate has been privately home educated for his or her entire senior year of high school.
    D. We agree to read and respond to all graduation email correspondence so that decisions can be made in a timely manner and so that program and purchase deadlines can be met.
    E. We agree to log-in to the private graduate-only portion of the www.chois.org website where we will submit our graduate’s biography and record our parent tribute.
    F. Our graduate will attend the graduation rehearsal in May and will arrive early to the graduation ceremony for another rehearsal. I understand that notice of the date and time for these two rehearsals will be made known to me via email.
    G. We understand that this is our child’s graduation ceremony, and we will do our best to be active participants.
    Upon receipt of this application CHOIS will notify applicant of acceptance, and will provide log-in information to the private graduate-only portion of the www.chois.org website. Registration for graduation will not be complete until payment is made.
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    Price: $145.00
  • Gold honor cords are awarded to 9th to 12th grade students who have tested through ICHE and who have achieved a complete composite score of 80thpercentile. Those students are nominated to Who’s Who.
    Price: $10.00 Quantity:
  • : White honor cords are awarded to 9th to 12th grade students who have tested through ICHE and who have achieved a complete composite score of 90th percentile. Those students are nominated to Who’s Who, are designated Summa Cum Laude Scholars, and are entitled to wear both gold and white honor cords.
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